Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take chlorella?

A: Chlorella is a fresh water algae. It grows naturally in fresh water. It is meant to be in the diet of human beings. In ancient times, people would go to open fresh water pond to drink water and chlorella is in it. The more ill the person, the more water he would want and therefore more chlorella he would be getting from the water. Nowadays, people do not drink pond water and tap water is without chlorella in it. We therefore need to take chlorella as a supplement in our diet.

How do I know if I am buying a good chlorella?

A: The First important question is not digestibility, or CGF ratio, as it is very misleadingly put by some chlorella companies. The first important question is if this chlorella is heavy metals free. Chlorella is easy to attract heavy metals and we use it to pull out pollutants from our body. If it is already polluted before you take it, it does more harm than good to you. Ask for a lab report from the seller on the heavy metals, especially on Mercury as it is the most toxic heavy metal. This report should be done not by the manufacturer, but by a third party. The mercury level should be non detected below 0.01 ppm (Prime ChlorellaTM's report is non-detected with mercury below 0.001ppm, at least 10 times better than most chlorella in the market.) Our lab report is done by a Canadian lab. Do not be deceived by "non detected", always ask for a number ("what number do you refer to by Non detected?" Some Japanese chlorella has 20 ppm as level of determination for heavy metals and is termed non-detected). This heavy metal issue in Chlorella should be the most important key factor in determining whether it is a good a chlorella not.

The Second important question is if this chlorella is 100% pure or if there are any binding agents or excipients used to make the tablets. If it is in the capsule form, what is the capsule, from animal gelatin or from plants? Make sure Chlorella does not have excipients such as added calcium and magnesium in it. (Chlorella contains calcium in food form, but some companies add more calcium and magnesium as an excipient to bind chlorella better. This is not what you want.) Usually the less treated chlorella the better. First choice is powder, second is pressurized tablets(100%pure) without excipients, third is veggie Capsule (some may prefer this to tablets), the worst is excipients added tablets and those chlorella treated by high-pressure grinding (or milling, or dyno milling as this crushing process totally destroys the sponginess of chlorella). We need chlorella to be spongy to filter through our system.

The Third question is if the chlorella is grown under natural sunshine or indoor. Chlorella from indoor culturing does not have the natural potency as it should have from the sun energy. Indoor culturing may have clean chlorella but it is without good energy. Chlorella can be cultured in sunshine outdoors under controlled environment and be clean too. Our Prime ChlorellaTM is cultured in outdoor sunshine under most strictly controlled environment. Some Chlorella is cultured outdoors without control and these chlorella may have problems in pollutants level.

The Fourth question is how chlorella is treated. Almost all chlorella on the market nowadays is treated to be very digestible. No one is selling indigestible chlorella anymore. Technology makes it possible to treat chlorella so people can digest it. What you want to ask is how it is treated as some processes can really destroy chlorella's nutrients. Dyno mill, bleach, heat-cold (expend and shrink) treatments are good for cell wall treatment, but they may destroy a lot of nutrients in the process. Sound cracking is probably the most efficient in treating cell walls as well as keeping the nutrients. With the present technology, it is not whether we can treat the cell walls, but how we treat the cell walls by not losing any nutrients. Sometimes just use your common sense: Chlorella is a plant and what kind of treatment is better for a light sensitive plant?

The Fifth question would be how is this product distributed? Does it rely on heavy commercials or on retail stores or on recommendations of doctors? This might be a minor question but asking it may give you a sense if it is a good chlorella and how you can get it.

Last but not the least: how expensive? Chlorella is surely a super whole food, but if it is as expensive as a drug, how you can afford it for your daily use?

Use your common sense in purchasing chlorella, not the words of big commercial advertisements.

How is Prime ChlorellaTM grown?

A: Prime ChlorellaTM is grown under the most strictly controlled environment. Underground water, not surface water, is used for the culturing. The underground water is filtered many times to remove unwanted elements. Filtering is repeated until tests show that the water is pure and clean. Minerals are then added to the water. During the culturing process, no fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides are used. The culturing ponds are in the open to receive the maximum effect of sunshine. They are monitored by lab as well as by personnel patrol to guarantee that no pollutants enter into the ponds. If anything unexpectedly enters into the ponds, chlorella in those affected ponds will be graded as animal feeds and sold as such. Only the highest quality and purest chlorella will be sold for human consumptions.

After the harvest, the pond will be cleaned by high-pressured water and hand scrubbed. No chemicals are used at any time to clean the ponds. Ponds are sealed for a period to guarantee that they are clean for culturing again.

Chlorella seeds are first cultured in glass flasks in lab to be the purest chlorella species (pyrenoidosa), and then transferred to the ponds in outdoors.

All procedures are taken to guarantee that Prime ChlorellaTM is the most potent and purest. It has been tested in Canada to be heavy metals free, and mercury free.

How are the cell walls of Prime ChlorellaTM treated?

A: We use more recent technology of sound vibrations to treat the cell walls. During the process of drying chlorella, high-speed blowing forces are applied to crash chlorella cells against each other and against drying tanks (our drying tanks are non-aluminum). At the same time, high frequency sound is applied to vibrate chlorella cells for a time long enough to cause the cell walls to be cracked, but not collapsed. After the sound vibration treatment, chlorella cell is like an egg with cracks on its shell.

Chlorella thus treated preserves all the important nutrients inside the cells of chlorella. The cell walls of Prime ChlorellaTM are deeply scarred, fractured and very fragile and would fall apart once coming into contact with water.

Unlike milling process which grinds or mills chlorella into bits of small of pieces (and many important nutrients dissipate just as when vegetables are cut into small pieces and not eaten for a day, the value in the vegetables goes down), our sound cracking process makes Prime ChlorellaTM fragile enough to fall apart in water while keeping the nutrients inside cell walls all intact before our consumption. Prime ChlorellaTM thus offers the complete benefits of cell walls and amino acids (most important nutrients in Chlorella).

What reactions you might have from Prime ChlorellaTM?

A: You have good feelings such as more energy or cleaner breaths. You may have bad feelings of nauseating or throwing up or frequent washrooms. Those bad feelings are also positive indications that the chlorella is doing the job. Your bad feelings will gradually disappear over a week or two. The extra chlorophyll will be discharged through bowl movements. Frequent bowl movement is not indigestion; it is rather a sign of detox. Do not be surprised to have stronger reactions when take Prime ChlorellaTM as it is more potent and more effective.

Some people may not feel anything. These are the healthy people or sick people that are not taking enough chlorella. If you are healthy you may want to stop taking chlorella to feel the effects of not taking chlorella. It is better for those healthy people to go on and off chlorella to maximize the benefits of chlorella (just like taking any food, you do not take it for too long without having a break.) For people with health problems, you need to increase the amount until you feel some change. Some people need 90 tablets a day (3 tablespoonfuls) some may need only 6 tablets a day. It is not the amount taken that is important; it is the effect from chlorella that is important. Some people are more sensitive to chlorella and therefore they do not need as much while others are less sensitive and need more. Always drink a lot of water with chlorella. It is a fresh water algae and works best with water.

You can read a section from Dr. Steenblock's book, "Chlorella, Medicinal Algae", on "possible reactions". You can also get information from a chapter on "Algae" from Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. You can also visit Dr. D. Klinghardt's website for more information on how to use chlorella: www.neuraltherapy.com.

Feeling sick is a usual sign of detox process, especially when you first take it or you have stopped taking chlorella for a while. Please read about "Reactions from chlorella" by Dr. D. Steenblock in his book, "Chlorella the Natural Medicinal Algae", which explains this phenomenon as the good indication that the chlorella is working for you.

Prime ChlorellaTM is very potent as its nutrients are mostly preserved to enter into your body, unlike some other brands of chlorella whose nutritional values are already down before you take it (such as those chlorella treated by milling, bleaching or heating/freezing). Therefore, you might feel stronger reactions when taking Prime ChlorellaTM. This is also a sign that Prime ChlorellaTM is stronger in offering you the desired effects. If you feel you are sick from taking chlorella, you can cut down your intake so that the detox process can slow down. You increase gradually to the amount around 20 to 30 tablets to achieve the most desired benefits. Remember, according to Dr. Steenblock and also according to our experiences, those who feel sick from taking chlorella (having nauseating feeling) are those that need chlorella the most.

Where is Prime ChlorellaTM mostly sold?

A: Prime ChlorellaTM is sold mostly through health practitioners' offices in North America (USA and Canada). The doctors tested our products along with other brands of chlorella before they recommend Prime ChlorellaTM to their patients. We do not sell our Prime ChlorellaTM through expensive commercial campaigns. We do not sell through retail stores. We sell steadily through doctors' recommendations.

Our chlorella is also sold mostly under other brands into Japanese and German markets, where the standard for chlorella is very high. In Japan, chlorella is #1 seller, more than Vitamin C.

Why are Prime ChlorellaTM's prices very competitive?

A: Our Prime ChlorellaTM is low in cost due to the following reasons: Firstly, we get our chlorella directly from the grower. We have it fresh from the grower. We do not have middle company involved. Most chlorella is expensive not because of high quality but because of middle man or middle country involved. Secondly, we do not run any commercial advertisements. We do not send out free samples and free pamphlets. All this means that our customers are buying our high quality Prime ChlorellaTM, not paying for all the extra marketing costs. Our product is therefore of top quality at a reasonable price.

If you have any more concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: or phone us at 1-888-277-7330.

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