Product Information

Comparisons of heavy metal levels in different brands of chlorella:

  mercury detection limit (ppm) lead detection limit (ppm) total heavy metals level of determination (ppm)
China Chlorella <0.05 <1.0 <1.05 (lead and mercury)
China CGF <0.3 <1.5 <1.8 (lead and mercury)
A "famous" Chlorella <0.01 <0.40 <0.41 (lead and mercury)
Japanese Chlorella not disclosed not disclosed <20 (all heavy metals)
Taiwan Chlorella <0.01 0.48 <0.49 (lead and mercury)
Prime Chlorella <0.001 <0.2 0.102(lead and mercury)

The above information is based on actual reports provided by the manufacturers or by Canadian laboratories. The actual copies are available upon request.

The above information is not for sales promotion. It is for internal reference only.