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How to choose a high quality chlorella:

There are a few important criteria in choosing a good quality chlorella.

First of all the species. Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a recognized species as containing tough cell walls that distinguishes chlorella as a true plant cell, which is a cell wall and a nucleus. This species is well-known as its tough cell walls would bind with toxins and bring them out of body safely. There are other species of chlorella that do not contain cells wall and therefore the detox function aspect is less.

Secondly the cell wall treatment process. Previously, pyrenoidosa species was considered less absorbable as its tough cell walls prevent the nutrients inside chlorella cells from being digested efficiently. In order for the nutrients to be absorbed properly, many commercial companies have a special process of breaking the cell walls. The most often used breaking cell wall is milling (or dyno mill for some products). This milling or grinding process is very efficient in breaking the cell wall into small fragments and therefore making chlorella thus treated more digestible. However, the process is also very destructive to the nutrients contained with the cell walls as the milling completely smashes the cell open and exposes the nutrients. Chlorella is basically a water plant and have its nutrients exposed will lower its nutritional value. Therefore the milling process achieves the purpose of breaking cell walls at the cost of losing some of its nutrients. Other less mentioned process of cell wall treatment is chemical bleaching or heat and freeze process. Chemical bleaching uses simulated digestive enzyme to pre-digest chlorella, or to thin the cell walls of chlorella. Chlorella thus treated has a very thin cell wall and therefore easy to digest. This chemical process is similar to bleaching and is also very destructive to the nutrients. Heat-freeze process is also used by some manufacturers to break the cell walls. Heat is used first to make chlorella cell expand and then freezing is used to shrink the cell walls. Chlorella thus treated has cracked cells but many valuable nutrients are lost during the heating process.

Prime Chlorella uses a unique way of breaking the cell walls. It is cracked open by vibrations of sound. This technology was invented by German scientists who believed that the cell walls need to be cracked open without compromising the nutritional values of what is inside the cell wall. Chlorella thus treated has cracked cell walls ready to be absorbed without nutrients being affected. This is the best technology at the present in cell wall treatment process.

Lastly, Purity. Chlorella has a natural capacity of binding with heavy metals and other toxins in the environment. We use chlorella partly for the same purpose, ie, to bring out toxins in our body. If chlorella is already saturated with toxins during the processes of growing and cell wall treatment, its binding capacity will be less to bind toxins in our body. It is much like a sponge full of water that will not further absorb any more water. We need chlorella to clean our body at cellular level as much as it possibly could before our cells in body could take in nutrients. In other words, chlorella's nutritional function should go hand in hand with detox and in order for chlorella to offer the benefits of nutrition, it should first be pure and free from contaminants. Prime Chlorella has the best standard of detection limit for heavy metals and is regarded as the purest chlorella.